Nani is an eco-system of products that work together to deliver a reassuring feed of information to new parents. Tracking the baby's sleeping patterns, breathing and heartbeat, it helps both the parents and their little-one to sleep sounder, whilst simultanously allowing the parents to feel more connected with their new-born.

It would be an understatement to say that new parents have a lot of potentially daunting things to worry about, but Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) shouldn't be one of them. Whilst babies aren't know for their regular and consistent sleeping schedules and those rare hours of unbroken sleep for parents may be few and far between, many would sleep more confidently knowing that their little one is safe and sound asleep.​​​​​​​
The warning signs
Whilst the reasoning for SIDS is in great dispute with no clear factor being decided, there are warning signs to look out for. Nani does this even when you can't.
Design Phase
Concept generation isn't always pretty; this was certainly the case with this project. Quick, scrappy and far-from-tidy thumbnail sketches and initial thoughts were thrown down in a notebook, before progressing onto some more refined digital sketches.  
What is undeniably the most exciting part of any design project is the development stage. For this project it involved a lot of 3D printing, as it meant that I could utilise t\its ability to rapidly generate iterations of the design in order to refine it further. 
Using TPU filament, I was able to replicate the fabric outer material. The flexible properties of the TPU allowed the casing to hug the central body and be removed with ease. As well as being far easier and faster to work with than fabric.
So, how does Nani work?
The diagram below, clearly outlines how each element of Nani works together to deliver a reliable and trustworthy form of reassurance. 
The monitor can be temporarily secured to the table using the suction base, allowing it to remain stable and resistant from knocks. Alternatively, the base can be switched out for the wall-mount, which allows for an unobstructed, birds-eye view to be achieved.

Keeping connected.
The accompanying mobile app constantly relays live information to the parent. A live-feed allows them to check on their child from anywhere. 

Fall asleep to noise.
They can set White-Noise to play from the monitor, or perhaps a calming tune to help get their baby off to sleep. This can be operated from outside their room, as to not distrub them. 

Track the little one.
Tracking your child's sleep whilst you're asleep isn't exactly an easy feat. So with NANI, you can simply check, track and monitor their sleeping habits!
Creating a consistent brand identity requires the style to continue through to the device's packaging; A friendly yet informative initial impression has been created through the welcoming handbook that conceals the device below! The blue and orange colour scheme beautifully ties the two products and itstheir packaging together.
Clear, intuitive UI allows for a seamlessly stress-free operation. From the calming colour scheme to the friendly, personable information, it complements the hardware to become part of the products ecosystem. 

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