Client- fiftythreedesign
Project Length-  4 Weeks
Date- 2017
fyra is a bottle designed for commuters. The bottle holds 600ml and, as “fyra” means “four” in Swedish, drinking four bottles a day helps you meet the recommended daily intake of water, keeping you hydrated and energised.
The minimal body is broken up by accents of colour allowing you to express yourself through your choices and, with the range of colours available, fyra will complete any commuters look. The minimal design of the bottle carries over to the packaging that it is presented in, emphasising the design DNA.
The simple “click” to open and close cap ensures that the contents remains inside while being easily accessible, even in cold weather with cycling gloves on! Disassembly at both ends allows for easy cleaning. This keeps the contents from becoming tainted and ensures that fyra will remain a clean, hygienic bottle for continued everyday use. 
The unique flat edge is not just an aesthetic feature, but ensures that it does not roll if knocked over. When carried by bicycle, the flat edge also allows for it to be seamlessly located onto the bicycle mount, as the mount completes the cylindrical body. ​​​​​​​

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